Unknown Facts about Vikings, Viking Kings, and Shield-Maidens | Viking Warriors
Unknown Facts about Vikings, Viking Kings, and Shield-Maidens

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Unknown Facts about Vikings, Viking Kings, and Shield-Maidens

The Vikings are some of the most iconic figures in history. These seafaring warriors from Scandinavia sailed the seas over a thousand years ago, conquering and trading with countries far and wide. Known for their fearless nature and their mastery of the seas, the Vikings were a force to be reckoned with. However, there are still many mysteries and unknown facts about these fascinating people. In this article, we will explore some of the lesser-known details about Vikings, Viking Kings, and Shield-Maidens.

Viking Facts:

  1. The Vikings didn't actually wear horned helmets: Contrary to popular belief, Vikings didn't actually wear horned helmets. This is a myth that was popularized by 19th-century opera costumes.
  2. Vikings were incredibly hygienic: Despite their reputation for being barbarians, Vikings were actually very hygienic. They bathed regularly and had a love for personal grooming.
  3. Vikings were traders, not just raiders: While the Vikings are known for their raiding and pillaging, they were also traders. They traded goods like furs, slaves, and precious metals, and established trade routes across Europe and Asia.
  4. Viking society was highly democratic: Viking society was surprisingly democratic, with decisions made through a system of councils and voting. Even women had a say in certain matters.



Viking Kings:

  1. Harald Bluetooth united Denmark: Harald Bluetooth was a Viking King who united Denmark in the 10th century. He is also credited with introducing Christianity to Denmark.
  2. Cnut the Great ruled over a vast empire: Cnut the Great was a Viking King who ruled over England, Denmark, and Norway in the 11th century. He is known for his military campaigns and his efforts to establish a North Sea empire.
  3. Ragnar Lothbrok may have been a real person: Ragnar Lothbrok is a legendary Viking King who is said to have raided and conquered much of England and France. While his existence is debated, there is evidence to suggest that he may have been a real person.



  1. Shield-Maidens were real: Shield-Maidens were women who fought alongside men in battle. While their existence was long debated, recent archaeological evidence suggests that they were real.
  2. Lagertha was a famous Shield-Maiden: Lagertha was a legendary Shield-Maiden who is said to have fought alongside Ragnar Lothbrok. She is also a character in the popular TV series, Vikings.
  3. Shield-Maidens were not just warriors: Shield-Maidens were not just warriors, but also played important roles in Viking society. They were skilled in crafts like weaving and metalworking, and also served as healers and advisers.

The Vikings were a complex and fascinating people, and there is still much to be learned about them. From their democratic society to their love for personal grooming, the Vikings were full of surprises. The Viking Kings, with their military prowess and political savvy, shaped the course of history in Northern Europe. And the Shield-Maidens, with their courage and skill, shattered gender stereotypes and left a lasting legacy.

By exploring these lesser-known facts about Vikings, Viking Kings, and Shield-Maidens, you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for this remarkable culture.