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The Berserkers were a group of elite Viking warriors who were known for their ferocity in battle. They were said to work themselves into a frenzy before battle and were virtually unstoppable on the battlefield. The name "Berserker" comes from the Old Norse "ber serkr," which means "bear shirt," as they were said to wear the skins of bears and wolves into battle.   Berserkers were considered the highest rank of warrior in Viking society, and were favored by the chieftains for their bravery and fighting skills. They were often given the best weapons and armor, and were expected to...

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The Vikings were fierce warriors known for their skill in battle and their fearsome weapons.Their weapons were designed to be effective in close combat, and many of them were used for multiple purposes. In this post, we will take a look at some of the weapons that the Vikings used, and explain how they were used in combat.         BATTLE AXE One of the most famous weapons used by the Vikings was the battle axe. This weapon was incredibly versatile, and could be used for hacking, slashing, and even throwing. The axe head was typically made of...

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