Vintage Vikings Bangle

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Our Viking Bangle Arm ring is a handmade item with vintage iron color.  inspired by authentic Viking Jewelry artifacts this bracelet cuff is a perfect gift for every Norse Mythology Fan! Comes with two FREE gifts

1) Black Jewelry Bag   2) Wooden Gift Box 

Viking arm rings, such as the one discovered by Dave Taylor, were not merely ornamental. They were often used to cement bonds of loyalty between a lord and his warriors in a society where men lived and died by their honor. They were often bestowed upon young adult males to symbolize their coming of age.

  • Material: Alloy Metal
  • Size: 19cm / 23cm
  • Style: Vintage Viking Arm ring
  • Adjustable size* / For Men and Women
  • 316L Stainless Steel Never Fade, No allergies

    *This bracelet is adjustable and will fit wrists with circumferences between 19cm and 23cm, but bending it repeatedly can weaken the metal. It is recommended to only bend it once to adjust the fit only if needed