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Viking Wolf Cross Pendant Vargkors

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This finely made cross is inspired by a famous relic found in Iceland. It is a hybrid amulet that mixes Thor's hammer, a traditional symbol of protection, and the Christian cross. The end is embellished with the head of a wolf, representing the chaotic force of the wolf prevalent in Norse mythology.

Available in two styles this cross is perfect for anyone who incorporates both the Norse gods and Christian religion into their lives.

The wolf cross or wolf hammer is a Viking-era silver piece of jewelry found in Foss in Iceland. This cross has three equal arms and a fourth longer arm with an wolf head so that the cross can be hung on a necklace through the wolf's mouth.


  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Rope Length: 50cm / 70cm
  • Chain type: Leather Rope/ Cotton Rope
  • Stainless Steel Never fades, No allergies

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Jack H.

The design is a perfect amalgamation of a wolf and a cross, symbolizing strength and spirituality.