Viking Beard Rings Rune Beads

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This Viking Rune Hair Bead, Beard Ring,  Norse Dreadlocks gift set contains all the Runic symbols of the Elder Futhark alphabet.

 The Vikings left behind a great number of documents in stone, wood, and metal, all written in the enigmatic symbols known as runes. They relied on these symbols not only for writing but also to tell fortunes, cast spells, and provide protection.

 Elder Futhark had 24 letters while Younger Futhark, developed at the beginning of the Viking Age, had only 16 letters. Perfect gift for your Viking's beard / Shield maiden's Hair braids or making unique jewelry.


  • Material: Metal
  • Outer Diameter: 10mm
  • Quantity: 24pcs
  • Color: Antique Silver / Antique Gold / Antique Bronze
  • Outer size: 14 x 10mm
  • Hole size: 6mm