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Vikings Battle Armour Bomber Jacket

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Our Vikings Battle Armour Bomber Jacket has an all over print design of a Viking warrior battle armour featuring a large Wolf head or a Valknut symbol and Runes. Viking clothing Men's bomber jacket, a great birthday gift, Yule-Christmas gift for your husband, son, father, boyfriend, friends and family.

Vikings who could afford to wear armor used helmets, metal armor made of chainmail, and a type of armor called lamellar, which consisted of iron plates sewn together. Lower-status Vikings also used layers of quilted cloth, such as linen or wool, to protect the body during battle.

This Vikings Battle Armour flight jacket features stand-up collar, smooth zipper closure, knitted collar, cuffs and hem and two outer welt pockets. Mens Air force pilot flight jacket. Winter-autumn outdoor sportswear. 


  • Material: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex
  • Season: Autumn - Winter
  • Thickness: Thick (Winter)
  • Features: Zipper closure and Pockets, V-Neck Collar, Rib sleeve

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Warm and Cozy

Perfect for chilly weather, this jacket keeps you warm and comfortable, all while making you look like a Viking legend.