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Norse Wolf Head Pendant Necklace

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Our Norse Wolf Head Pendant Necklace comes with a braided leather rope chain. Inspired of Norse relics and amulets found all around Scandinavia this Norse Wolf head necklace will always protect you.

Who are the wolves in Norse mythology? In Norse mythology, we find numerous wolves. There are the wolves Geri and Freki, accompanying god Odin. Skalli/Sköll and Hati are responsible for chasing the sun and moon across the heavens, and finally devouring them at Ragnarök when the world comes to an end (in another source, it is the wolf Fenrir).

Summon the power of Viking Wolves in your everyday life struggle and you will be victorious. A perfect Yule, Christmas, birthday gift for you or your best friends and family.



  • Material: Steel and Leather
  • Pendant Size: 45mm x 37mm
  • Color: Antique Silver / Bronze / Gold
  • Length: 60cm
  • Chain Type: Rope Chain

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Rugged charm, Norse spirit captured in metal.