925 Sterling Silver Jörmungandr Bracelet

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Our Viking Jörmungandr Bracelet is handmade of 925 Sterling Silver and consists of thick and heavy dragon scales chain and a hidden clasp in dragon's mouth. A Perfect Gift for Every Norse Mythology and Dragon Fans.

Vikings certainly knew the power and symbolism of the dragon. There are depictions on buildings, carved into Runestones and created in fine jewellery. The dragon, or serpent, was most likely thought to convey the ideas of strength and bravery. 

To the Vikings, dragons were powerful creatures that were the embodiment of chaos and destruction. The mere sight of a dragon portended the arrival of violent and tumultuous times, which is why dragon figures adorned the longships of Viking raiders that terrorized coastlines of Northern Europe.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Sizes: 19cm / 20cm / 21cm / 22cm
  • Weight: 69g
  • Shape: Dragon Head & Scales
  • Warranty: 100% Real 925 Sterling Silver

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looks great

This was a gift for my son. great quality 925 silver, not flimsy. Looks great.