Myrkviðr Black Forest Tungsten Wooden Ring

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Our Myrkviðr Black Forest Wood Ring is made of indestructible Tungsten metal in black color with wooden inlay. This beautiful ring could serve as the symbol of your romantic commitment in place of a traditional wedding band. Perfect gift for Viking Warriors.

Myrkviðr is the name of a "dark wood" in Norse mythology. It is located somewhere between Asgard and Muspelheim. In the Lokasenna, Loki makes a small reference to Myrkviðr as the dark forest:

"With gold thou boughtest
Gýmir's daughter,
and so gavest away thy sword:
but when Muspell's sons
through the dark forest ride,
thou, unhappy, wilt not
have wherewith to fight."


  • Material: Tungsten & Wood
  • Surface Width: 8mm
  • Sizes: 8-12
  • Color: Black
  • Indestructible and scratch proof