925 Sterling Silver Weave Chain Bracelet

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Our Weave Chain Bracelet is handmade of 925 Sterling Silver and has a Toggle Clasp. Luxury bracelet perfect birthday, anniversary, Valentines day gift for Men or Women.


For the Vikings, jewelry was not to decorate themselves only. Pieces of jewelry presented both their social status and their religious belief. Commonly, the richer one Viking got, the more jewelry they wore to show off their wealth. The Vikings also used their jewelry as a purse or a wallet. Overall, Viking jewelry in Viking era was a multi-purpose accessory. 



Carefully measure wrist size and then order. 

Recommended bracelet length: wrist length + 2 ~ 2.5cm

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Chain Width: 9mm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Size: 18cm - 24cm
  • Weight : approx. 45.5g - 60g