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Viking Valknut Paracord Keychain

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Our Viking Valknut Keychain will give you strength, bravery and will help you to find your keys.

Found engraved in ancient stones, the Valknut symbol is assumed to signify the afterlife. In some instances, it has come to represent the soul's power and strength when battling with gods of death or other terribly adverse circumstances.

 This key chain can assist you when you go camping or hiking. Have this always on you you might need it in a distressed situation.

  • Material: paracord
  • Color: 5 colors
  • Size: approximately 12 cm
  • Weight: 21g

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tayler Madinson
Very good

Very good and nice quality, fits great to my keys

John E
Nice. Good buy!

Very unique and stylish. Only had it a day so for sturdiness , only time will tell. I really like the looks of it