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About us

Welcome to Viking Warriors!
If you feel like a true Viking hero or you love the old Norse and Viking Way of Life then you're in the right place!
We provide a variety of high quality products in great prices. Get discounts and Free Worldwide Shipping for every order you make.
Our passion for Norse Mythology and Vikings came from a young age. Reading about the adventures of Thor, Odin and their Cosmos excited us and kept us company. This lead us to create an online store featuring Viking jewelry, clothing and Norse style Accessories for men and women.
Our goal is to cultivate the knowledge, manners and customs of the old Norse culture and revive them. Learn about Norse Gods, heroes and monsters that existed in the Scandinavian lands.
Every piece is unique and has its own history. Gift the most beautiful items to your friends or family sharing your passion for the Viking Age. Now you can incorporate the old Nordic tradition into your everyday modern life. Skål! 
For non Viking fans we offer a variety of modern style jewelry for both men and women. Choose yours and gift to your loved ones. 
Contact Us at info@vikingwariors.com for any inquiries or questions and we will gladly assist you.