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Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Necklace

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Our Thor Hammer Pendant is handmade from quality Stainless Steel and comes with a  Stainless Steel Wheat chain. This Thor's hammer Necklace has beautiful Norse design engravings in golden color and a triskele symbol. Our stylish pendant is available in two colors, Silver and Gold and comes with two FREE gifts:

1) Black Jewelry Bag   2) Wooden Box 


Vikings commonly worn the hammer as a pendant during the Viking Age. Mjöllnir is the hammer the Norse thunder god Thor and the symbol of his power. Forged by dwarfs, the hammer never failed Thor; he used it as a weapon to crash down on the heads of giants and as an instrument to hallow people and things.


Derived from the Greek word "Triskeles" meaning "three legs", the Triskele or Triple Spiral is a complex ancient Celtic symbol. Movement, or motion, is believed to signify energies, in particular within this Celtic Symbol the motion of action, cycles, progress, revolution and competition.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pendant Size: 45mm x 58mm 
  • Chain Length: 50cm / 70cm
  • Color: Silver / Gold
  • Stainless Steel Never fade

Customer Reviews

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Stunning craftsmanship, feels empowering, a must-have for any Thor fan or lover of Norse mythology.


This Mjölnir necklace is absolutely gorgeous, high quality, intricately detailed to perfection. It has a nice weight to it. You can really feel the sturdiness of both the pendant and the chain. I will cherish it forever.

Super quality

Amazing quality. Beautiful packaging! I recommend✌