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Emerald Green Crystal Rune Stones

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Our Emerald Green Crystal Rune Stones are engraved with the 24 Elder Futhark Rune letters and has emerald green color. These Rose Quartz Runes are perfect for Divination, Fortune-telling, Casting spells, Protection or Meditation.

This Rune Stone Set contains:

  • 25pcs Emerald Green Crystals (small)
  • 1 piece of velvet pouch to store the crystal stones

Emerald is a life-affirming stone. It opens the heart chakra and calms the emotions. It provides inspiration, balance, wisdom, and patience. It is said to promote friendship, peace, harmony, and domestic bliss by enabling the wearer to both give and receive unconditional love.


The Vikings left behind a great number of documents in stone, wood, and metal, all written in the enigmatic symbols known as runes. They relied on these symbols not only for writing but also to tell fortunes, cast spells, and provide protection. Elder Futhark had 24 letters and each letter had its own pronunciation.

  • Material: Emerald green Natural Crystal
  • Size: small ~ 2cm - Their size varies from stone to stone
  • Color: Emerald Green 
  • Package includes: 1x Pack of 25pcs + 1x storage pouch

Customer Reviews

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Jenny V.

Beautiful crystal and fast delivery. Thank you 💖


As someone who is interested in divination and exploring the deeper aspects of myself, I have found that these stones offer a unique and powerful way to connect with my inner guidance. Thank you