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Viking Norse Runes Cuff Bracelet

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Our Norse Runes Cuff bracelet is made of Stainless Steel that never fades and causes no allergies. Decorated with engraved 24 Rune letters found in the Elder Futhark, the oldest of the Runic alphabets.

Runic inscriptions were found on artifacts, including jewelry, amulets, plate ware, Weapons, and Runestones from the 2nd-8th century.They were used as a means for communication and trade in the Viking Age.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Size: 14.61mm /  64mm diameter 
  • Bracelets Type: Cuff Bracelet
  • Color: Steel / Black
  • Weight: 24.85g
  • 316L Stainless Steel Never Fade, No allergies

    *This bracelet is adjustable and will fit wrists with circumferences between 17cm and 23cm, but bending it repeatedly can weaken the metal. It is recommended to only bend it once to adjust the fit only if needed

Customer Reviews

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Jeff T.
very nice

Came fast and I liked it a lot

a great buy

Awesome bracelet!!! I got it as a gift for a family member. It fits great and is a great buy.


Really happy with the quality, wear it every day