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Vikings Rune Bracelet

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Our Vikings Rune Bracelet is made of quality metal and volcanic beads and has detailed runic letter inscriptions of various Futhark runes. Odin was the god of war and kingship, but he was also a god of knowledge and magic. He was constantly seeking more wisdom and new information. He traveled the Nine Worlds to learn all that he could and often went to great lengths to find secret knowledge.

Odin made the ultimate sacrifice to learn a secret that was hidden deep in the well of fate. To learn the magic of the runes, Odin gave himself as a human sacrifice. According to the legend, he hung for nine nights on the Yggdrasil tree, the world ash tree, wounded by his own sword and tormented by hunger, thirst and pain. He was alone and without any help, until he was near to death, then he he saw the runes and, with a last, mighty effort reached for them and got them.

Runes were used as a means for communication and trade in the Viking Age and often used in magical charms for protection and for healing. They were also used to lay a curse. Runes themselves were thought to carry magical power.

  • Material: Metal and Volcanic Beads
  • Chain Type: Beaded Bracelet
  • Color: Antique Silver/ Bronze
  • Diameter: 58-60mm
  • Weight: 37.4g

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Nino C.

I love this -I wear this all the time -I come bk to this shop all the time

looks awesome

quality bracelet, looks amazing!