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Thor's Hammer Geri and Freki Necklace

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Our Thor's Hammer Geri and Freki wolves Necklace consists of a strong Stainless Steel chain and Thor hammer Mjolnir pendant. Make it yours and always have Odin's protection.

Vikings wore Thor Hammer Necklaces to have the protection Norse God Thor and his powerful weapon Mjolnir hammer. The hammer symbol was used also in formal ceremonies to bless marriages, births and funerals.

This beautiful Stainless steel Mjolnir necklace with Borre style design of Odin's Wolves Geri and Freki will give you protection against Negative vibes and smash all the obstacles in your Life.

  • 316 L Stainless Steel
  • Silver Color
  • Never Fade, Shiny Bright
  • Chain Length: 60cm
  • Chain Thickness: 3mm
  • Pendant Size: W: 43mm H:35mm
  • Weight: 24g

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This Thor's Hammer necklace, paired with Geri and Freki, is legendary. Pure Viking spirit, top quality.