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Ouroboros Dragon Necklace

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Ο φόρος συμπεριλαμβάνεται. Τα έξοδα αποστολής υπολογίζονται κατά την ολοκλήρωση της παραγγελίας.

The Vikings certainly knew the power and symbolism of the dragon. There are depictions on buildings, carved into runestones and created in fine jewellery. The dragon, or serpent, was most likely thought to convey the ideas of strength and bravery. So wearing a dragon motif would symbolise these ideas.


Our Dragon Necklace is made of 925 Sterling Silver and Includes: 1x Pendant with chain, 1x silver polishing cloth and  1x Gift Box

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

This sterling silver Dragon pendant is a perfect gift idea for Vikings and Shield-maidens.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Color: Silver
  • Pendant Size: 3.1cm x 2.2cm 
  • Chain size: 18 inch ( 46cm)
  • Weight: 4.63g
  • 100% Sterling Silver
  • Nickel-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free, Hypoallergenic

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love it!

Love this! It is so pretty

Elisa Hibberd
Absolutely love it!

Oh, this Ouroboros Dragon Necklace is a true gem! Exquisite craftsmanship, stunning design, and powerful symbolism. A must-have for any fierce Viking queen. Absolutely love it!

Great quality

Great quality, arrived on time, lovely necklace

very pretty necklace

This is a very pretty necklace it is my second one, they make lovely gifts.