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Luxury Wolf Head LED light Keychain

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Our Luxury Wolf Keychain has an engraved detailed Stainless Steel Wolf head with LED Light coming out of his eyes and a thick clasp.

The spirit of the Norse Wolf will protect you and keep your valuable keys safe.

In Norse mythology, we find numerous wolves. There are the wolves Geri and Freki, accompanying god Odin. Skalli / Sköll and Hati are responsible for chasing the sun and moon across the heavens, and finally devouring them at Ragnarök when the world comes to an end (in another source, it is the wolf Fenrir).

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colors: Silver-Black-Gold
  • Light: High quality LED lights
  • Size: 102mm x 33mm
  • Shape: Wolf head
  • Electroplating technology

Customer Reviews

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Ray Grimmer
Very nice

Very nice and sturdy keychain. Great customer support!

Kelly K.
Boyfriend gift

Great quality, my boyfriend adored it

Lovely gift

Lovely gift idea and beautifully presented.