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Viking Runes Spear Pendant

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Our Viking Runes Spear Pendant is made of Stainless Steel and has engraved Rune symbols from the Elder Futhark runic alphabet.

The Viking spear is a deceptively effective and deadly weapon. One of the most common weapons during the Viking Age, the spear was an excellent all-purpose weapon used by the wealthiest and the poorest Viking, for hunting, self-defense and battles.

Inspired by true Viking Spearheads discovered all over Scandinavia this beautiful Pendant will give you strength and power against all your enemies.

  • Metals Type: Stainless Steel
  • Pendant Size: 53mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Necklace Length: 55cm

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Stevenson

Well made and looks great, but what really stands out is how powerful it feels. Highly recommended!