Viking Warrior Drakkar Ship Beer Mug

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Our Viking Warrior Drakkar Ship Beer Mug is handmade with quality Stainless Steel and has  detailed designs of a longship with Viking shields, dragonhead on its handle and a Viking Warrior with helmet and axes on the mug. It can hold 600ml (20oz) Beer, Coffee or any cold and hot drink you like. Now you can drink like a true Viking Berserker! Skål!


Dragons were large longships, from 25 sections an upwards. The term dragon (dreki) could be used both for the ship types called “skeid” and for the ones called “busse”. It was the occurrence of a dragonhead on the prow that decided whether a ship could be called a dreki. The dragonhead should scare away enemies. It also had magical functions: It would provide protection for ships and crew – and it should ward off evil spirits both on land and sea. 

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 9.5cm (3.74inch) x 14.5cm (5.70inch)

Function: Beer, Coffee, Soft drinks, Water, Tea, Milk Mug